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Rozin Vadim Markovich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Leading Researcher,
Institute of Philosophy of
the Russian Academy of Sciences

Conditions for the conceivability of individualization
in the cultural and environmental paradigm of education

Abstract. The article explains why individualization could not be taken into account in the traditional pedagogical paradigm of education. The new paradigm of education should take into account the analogy of philo- and ontogenesis, in the context of which the author distinguishes culture, including sociality (phylogenetic plan), and the development of the individual in education and culture (ontogenetic plan). At the same time, culture and sociality, he argues, should be considered within the framework of semiotic, activity and environmental approaches, which are characterized in detail. It is also proposed to distinguish "prepersonal" cultures (the Ancient World) with "personalities" (starting from the ancient one); in the first, independent behavior was not allowed, in the second, in addition to collective, general forms of life, private forms of life are formed, guided by "private schemes". In ontogenetic terms, the author distinguishes and describes in detail three "cultures of life": the culture of "pram" (childhood), the culture of "personality formation" (adolescence and adolescence), the culture of "personality development" (adulthood). The important concept of "evolution of the individual" is introduced: which is understood as spontaneous and conscious changes in the student's personality that occur under the influence of school, family, media (Internet), friends, self-"essays", reflection. Based on the proposed distinctions and concepts, the author characterizes the sources of individualization and describes the space in which it is carried out.

Keywords. Individualization, education, personality, culture, development, formation, evolution, schemes, genesis, sociality


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