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V.M. Mezhuyev. Philosophy of culture in the system of modern knowledge about culture

E.A. Orlova. Sociocultural reality: towards the definition of the concept

V.I. Ionesov. Humanistic Anthropology in the Science of Culture: Rereading Claude Levi-Strauss




A.V. Kostina, A.Ya. Flier. Ternary functional model of culture (beginning)

N.A. Khrenov. A Century later: the tragic experience of Soviet Culture (beginning)

V.M. Rozin. "The Peasant Girl": an existential choice, extremely difficult in life, but possible in art




A.Ya. Flier. The social experience of a person and its important component, the "second reality"

N.A. Khrenov. The Russian Revolution from the point of view of the transitional situation in the history of culture. Rehabilitation of the Imperial complex as a consequence of the period of reaction in the history of the Revolution (ending)

V.M. Rozin. Conditions for the introduction and conceivability of the category "reality"

N.A. Khrenov. Russian culture at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries: the Gnostic "Renaissance" in the context of Hegel's symbolism (Semiotic turn in the culture of the twentieth century) (beginning)

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Orlova Elna Alexandrovna
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Director of Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
State Academy of Slavic Culture

Forms of Social and Cultural Processes: to the Methodology of Study

Abstract: The article proves the necessity of studying the forms of sociocultural processes, and presents the existing scientific possibilities.

Keywords: microdynamics, parabola, process, growth, sinusoid, form of a process, cycle, evolvent, evolution.   


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