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A.Ya. Flier. The phenomenon of prestigious consumption




A.Ya. Flier. Structuring culture according to the methods of social regulation

N.A. Khrenov. A sociological turn in science. About the art of the XIX century: I. Ten's concept as an anticipation of the cultural turn (continued)

V.M. Rozin. Non-traditional, socio-cultural interpretation of the book by Meer Shalev "Fontanella" (ending)



HIGH ART IN MODERN CULTURE (E.N. Shapinskaya'sSection)

E.N. Shapinskaya. "Storytelling" as a form of narrative in Modern Popular culture


A.Ya. Flier. Historical transformation of culture from admiration of the past to aspiration to the future

N.A. Khrenov. A man in a pandemic situation: excursions into history (beginning)

V.M. Rozin. Love in culture and family: yesterday and today (based on the novel by Meir Shalev "Two bears Came out of the forest")

V.I. Grachev. Knowledge and information in modern Cultural Studies: Paradoxes of similarities and differences of content

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Flier Andrey Yakovlevich 
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Chief Research Worker 
Lykhachev Russian Research Institute 
for Cultural and Natural Heritage

Human and Culture: Factors of Congruence

Abstract: The article examines main aspects of social roles manifestation by a human as a culture-bearer, and functioning of culture as a part of human consciousness. Human incarnations as a product of culture, as a consumer culture, as a transmitter of culture, and as a creator of culture are considered.

Keywords: Culture, human consciousness and behavior, socialization and enculturation, lifestyle, customs and traditions, communication and transmission of social experience, tradition and innovation.

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