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V. M. Rozin. Postculture as the basis for the distinction of the concepts of culture



In SEARCH of the MEANING of HISTORY and CULTURE (A. Ya. Flier’s Section)

A. Ya. Flier. Phenomenon of cultural form

N. A. Khrenov. On the way to «Posthuman»: anthropological, mythological and artistic potential of the puppet (beginning)

V. I. Grachev. Information-rhizomorphic basis of the communicative paradigm of modern culture 4 (ending)



HIGH ART IN a CULTURE of MODERNITY (E. N. Shapinskaya’s Sectoin)

E. N. Sapinska, A. A. Lisenkova. Education vs neo-enlightenment: some trends in digital culture

N. Yu. Lukina. About the beauty of antique statues, Picassos and traffic lights


N. A. Khrenov. Culture of the twentieth century: theatrical experiments in the era of escalating mass communication (beginning)

M. A. Poletaeva. Evolution of ideas about the «alien»

V. V. Breitburg. The principle of clip thinking when creating musicals


M. I. Kozyakova. Review of the book by A. S. Zapesotsky «The Formation of global culture and conflicts of civilizations»

E. N. Polyudova. Modern cultural research as a book of reflections: reflections on the book of E. N. Shapinskaya «Philosophy of music»

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Golovanova Vera Georgievna
PhD in philosophy, Professor of the University of
World Economy and Diplomaty (Tashkent).

Culturology – other horizons

Abstract. The article offers to expand the area of Culturology. One direction of research – the cultural studies of country -study, i.e. the comparative analysis of the features of the cultural codes of new regions. The second direction – is related with the other type of awareness of familiar artifacts. This article present the features of a cultural model of Iceland.

Keywords. Strangenesses of the culture of the world, cultural code, hidden meaning, originality, a complex system, synergetics, violation of the superposition principle, mindset, self-creation.

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