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E. N. Shapinskaya. Bulgarian culture in Russia: traditions and modernity (interview with Maya Pramatarova)

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N. A. Khrenov. Culture and play: activation of the gaming instinct in the era of transition from the middle ages to Imperial Russia (end)

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A. Ya. Flier.  Culture and the problem of the noosphere: it is not necessary to make a fairy tale come true


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Khrenov Nikolai Andreevich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
the Gerasimov Russian State
University of Cinematography

Laughter and culture: from mentality to genre

Abstract. The article is devoted to the historical evolution of laugh images in culture and, first of all, in fiction. The author's attention is focused on the interpretation of these ridiculous images in modern culture. The author also considers national features of the laugh culture, in particular the traditions of humor in Russian literature.

Keywords. Culture, laughter, laughing culture, fiction, traditions of humor.

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