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V. I. Grachev. About dissonances and consonances in the relationship between modern culture and art



In SEARCH of the MEANING of HISTORY and CULTURE (A. Ya. Flier’s Section)

A. Ya. Flier. Cultural variability and progress

N. A. Khrenov. On the way to «Posthuman»: anthropological, mythological and artistic potential of the puppet (continuation)

V. M. Rozin. Unusual Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (the artist's life and work in the optics of everyday culture)



HIGH ART IN a CULTURE of MODERNITY (E. N. Shapinskaya’s Sectoin)

E. N. Sapinskaya. Subcultures in the digital world: anachronism or the basis for creating virtual communities?

M. I. Kozyakova. Museum in the history of culture: postmodern discourse


N. A. Khrenov. Culture of the twentieth century: theatrical experiments in the era of escalating mass communication (continuation)

M. A. Poletaeva. Social practice of attitude to foreign culture


A. Ya. Flier. Cultural history as a change dominant identity types (beginning)

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Grachev Vladimir Innokentievich,
Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor
Leningrad state
University of. A.S. Pushkin

Paradigmal-axiological analysis of mythopoetic "Crimean romanticism" as an artistic chronotropic cultural phenomenon

Abstract. The article evaluates the possibility of using paradigmal-axiological analysis for characteristics of the egocentric nature of the life and works of A. Greene and M. Voloshin in context of mythopoetic "Crimean romanticism" and "neoromanticism”.

Keywords. Culturology, philosophy of culture, paradigm, komparativno-axiological analysis, egocentrism, romanticism, neoromanticism, cultural communication, mythopoetic, hronotop, cultural phenomenon.

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