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A.Ya. Flier. The phenomenon of prestigious consumption




A.Ya. Flier. Structuring culture according to the methods of social regulation

N.A. Khrenov. A sociological turn in science. About the art of the XIX century: I. Ten's concept as an anticipation of the cultural turn (continued)

V.M. Rozin. Non-traditional, socio-cultural interpretation of the book by Meer Shalev "Fontanella" (ending)



HIGH ART IN MODERN CULTURE (E.N. Shapinskaya'sSection)

E.N. Shapinskaya. "Storytelling" as a form of narrative in Modern Popular culture


A.Ya. Flier. Historical transformation of culture from admiration of the past to aspiration to the future

N.A. Khrenov. A man in a pandemic situation: excursions into history (beginning)

V.M. Rozin. Love in culture and family: yesterday and today (based on the novel by Meir Shalev "Two bears Came out of the forest")

V.I. Grachev. Knowledge and information in modern Cultural Studies: Paradoxes of similarities and differences of content

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Khrenov Nikolai Andreevich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
the Gerasimov Russian State
University of Cinematography

Philosophy of Art in View of the Appearance of Culture Concept (Part 2)

Abstract. In Part 2 of the article the author continues discussing philosophy of art – aesthetics as creation of the culture of modernity with its linear rationally sensual perception of world outlook. At the same time he emphasizes the crisis of the culture of modernity due to its anti-anthropomorphism and the role of aesthetics in opposing it.

Key words. Art, culture, Enlightenment, modernity, philosophy of life and philosophy of art, aesthetics, art criticism, gestalt.

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