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A.Ya. Flier. A systematic model of the social functions of culture




A.V. Kostina, A.Ya. Flier. Ternary functional model of culture (continued)

V.M. Rozin. Features and constitution of musical reality

N.A. Khrenov. Russian culture at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries: the Gnostic "Renaissance" in the context of symbolism (continued)




I.V. Kondakov. The cat as a cultural hero: from Puss in Boots to Schrodinger's Cat

N.A. Khrenov. A Century later: the tragic experience of Soviet Culture (continued)

I.E. Isakas. Hypothesis. The Christmas tree is a symbol of the second coming of Christ


A.Ya. Flier. Is culture inevitable? (on the limits of the social usefulness of culture) (Philosophical dystopia)

A.A. Pelipenko. Culture as an inevitability (on the subjective status of culture)

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Kutz Vladimir Anatolievich,
Candidate of Science,
Leading Research Worker,
Concern “Granit-Electron”JSC,
Herzen University doctoral student.

Protective Functions of Culture
Abstract: The article outlines the main points of the author's concept of culture as a means of physical, intellectual and psychological protection of a person and the society from external threats. The article analyzes the place of this function in a raw of other functions of culture. Major subsystems of culture involved in maintaining this function are discussed from the perspective of M.S. Kagan’s cultural morphology.
Keywords: Culture, protection, physical, intellectual and psychological security of a person and the society.

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