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V.M. Rozin. Life as understanding being



A.Ya. Flier. Art in culture or culture in art?

N.А. Khrenov. Revolution and culture: desacralisation of revolution in Russian cinema of the turn of XX-XXI centuries (continuation)

N.А. Khrenov. Desacralisation of the Russian revolution of 1917 as a problem today: M. Gorky's novel "Life of Klim Samgin" in this perspective (continuation)

V.I. Grachev. Information-isomorphic basis of communicative paradigm of culture 2



E.N. Shapinskaya. Monster as a cultural hero: representations of monstrosity in popular culture (ending)

E.N. Shapinskaya. Eternal values of cultural heritage, creativity and interpretative dyslexia (interview with O. Stefanov)


N.А. Khrenov. Culture and game: activation of the game instinct in the era of transition from the middle ages to Imperial Russia (beginning)

V.G. Vlasov, N.Yu. Lukina. Stanze 5, 6, 7, 8… From talks of the philologist with researcher of art

V.I. Grachev. Cultures the phenomenon of apophatic "the Dialectics of myth" by A. F. Losev in the context topochron-axiogenic paradigm of culture

A. N. Kovalev. Divine proportion in search of the Renaissance (beginning)


A.Ya. Flier. The birth of the temple: the experience of human self-determination in time (beginning)

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Flier Andrey Yakovlevich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Chief Researcher
Lykhachev Russian Research Institute
for Cultural and Natural Heritage,
Professor of Moscow State linguistic University

History as a cultural artifact

Abstract. The article develops the author's hypothesis that all historical events are essentially cultural artifacts and can be studied and reinterpreted by cultural studies in the appropriate perspective (in parallel with the actual historical analysis), which will allow a deeper and more complete understanding of the cultural conditionality of human social activity and the determinism of its behavior in cultural contexts.

Keywords. Culture, history, dynamics of culture, variability of culture, social conditionality of culture, cultural conditionality of human social activity, symbolism, tradition, motivation, customs, ideology, fashion.

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