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A. Ya. Flier. Local cultural system: sustainability factors


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V. M. Rozin. Conceptualization of G. R. Baltanova Muslim women and culture

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M. I. Kozyakova. Synesthesia in the postmodern era: aesthetics déjà'vu


HIGH ART IN a CULTURE of MODERNITY (E. N. Shapinskaya’sSectoin)

E. N. Shapinskaya. Bulgarian culture in Russia: traditions and modernity (interview with Maya Pramatarova)

E. N. Shapinskaya. Digital history: the future of our past


N. A. Khrenov. Culture and play: activation of the gaming instinct in the era of transition from the middle ages to Imperial Russia (end)

V. I. Grachev. Information-rhizomorphic basis of communicative paradigm of modern culture. Three

A. Ya. Flier.  Culture and the problem of the noosphere: it is not necessary to make a fairy tale come true


A. Ya. Flier. Theory of culture


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Flier Andrey Yakovlevich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Chief Researcher
Lykhachev Russian Research Institute
for Cultural and Natural Heritage

The Structure of Culture

Abstract. The article deals with multifaceted models of culture structuring developed by different researchers and substantiates their significance as cognitive tools for the study of culture. The author postulates precedence of the models reflecting not only formal and static parameters of culture, but also its functional, content-related and dynamic properties.

Key words. Culture, models of structuring, binary, ternary and other models, functional, content-related and dynamic properties of culture

The article is prepared with the support of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund, grant № 15-03-00031 Cultural Regulation of Social Dynamics.

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